Seattle’s Shadow is in ruins. The Prince and most of the Primogen have been murdered leaving the city disputed between the Camarilla and the Sabbat. Through their agents at Boeing and Microsoft, the Technocracy have shuttered the Central Library rendering the Arch Mage powerless. The Elder has declared the city incorrigible and has ordered all of the local packs to tear the city down. Even the Needles and Pins has closed as MiLady and her entourage flee the city under the cover of night.

All is lost and hope is in short supply.

Raven, Spider and Coyote are not ready to lie down, however. They agree to set aside their age old rivalries in a last ditch effort to stand against the mastermind of Seattle’s demise, the Pope of Nightmares.

Herein you will find a record of those brave and foolish few the Tricksters conscript for the Tricksters’ Rebellion.