Mother Angela Tubman

Angela has gone by many names. “Three Horse” to recognize the combination of her Black Fury blood line her Bone Gnawer upbringing and her heroin addiction, “Two Pony” when she overcame her addiction, “Mission” when she took over a small church in Seattle and now “Tubman” to taunt the current administration with the knowledge that she willfully and successfully smuggles women out of Seattle.

Those who are allowed to know she is Garou have no doubt of where Angela stands on the battle with Wyrm. Those that know of the Discretion of Seattle know for a fact what she thought about the Shadow government and the current power vacuum. Even those who don’t know the true nature of the Church know what ends she will go to for the defense of her flock.

Overcoming her personal and social demons was due, in large part, to her ability to her Garou heritage. Knowing that this was not an asset available to everyone, Angela has dedicated her life to assisting others (mostly women) break the cycle of dependency.

At 5’3” with a slight frame, Angela does not present a particularly imposing physical figure. Her dress style is conservative and functional but there is no question as to her sense of style which bears a graceful balance of femininity and “Don’t fuck with the Alpha Bitch” strength. Her face shows the price of the drugs and the weight of her world but that all melts away with her easily earned smile.

Mother Angela Tubman

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