The Ascension of the Tricksters

Timothy Ellis, Alice Hawkins and Angwusnasomtaqu were nothing more than exactly what they were; Nuwisha, Anansi and Corax. They lived in Hobart City at the western foot of the Cascades. The three of them spent their days and nights doing their own thing and rarely interacted. Alice and Tim were often opposing each other in their agenda for the town.

And so life went on until the announcement that the Hobart City Dam, Hobgoblyn as it was called by the locals, was to be decommissioned. This created a number of problems and issues complicated by the arrival of the Union of the Shadow, a mixed group of agent provocateurs based in the Needles and Pins in Seattle.

It was soon revealed that the dam was a gate between this world and the Umbra. Once it came down, the spirits once barred from the land came with the flood waters.

Although the flood waters did not engulf the town, the increase of spiritual energy subtly affected the population of Hobart City. Most people felt minor changes such as an increased sense of either calm or agitation depending on the spirit present at the time. Tim, Alice and Angwusnasomtaqu, however, were a different matter.

As Angwusnasomtaqu drank and danced on the graves in the marsh she finally convinced the last of the native spirits to find their way home. “Well done,” she heard a voice say in an ancient tongue. “You have finished your work here but I have something else I need you to do” She turned and saw the great Sun Stealer before her. She could have said no, she should have said no. She didn’t. Now she walks with Sun Stealer in her shadow wielding his power and working his will as he tells her the secrets of the universe.

Alice Hawkins was rarely happy and this night was no exception. She had just finished dealing with that loathsome fool about his drunken patrons parking in front of her house. Being anywhere near that repugnant man always put her in a foul mood. Maybe if she ate something she’d feel better. With that thought in mind she slipped into the shadows to check on her web traps in the woods behind the town. If she was lucky, she thought, she’d have caught one of those annoying mutts that the Carter family let run free and unchecked. “You’re such a bitter witch” she heard from the limbs above her. “That just won’t do at all for my needs.” Alice looked up and saw the Black Queen looking down on her. “Come little daughter. Walk my web with me and we will find the secrets of the universe together”

Timothy Ellis was going to close the bar and head home when she walked in looking for a cold beer and a warm booth. Never one to refuse an extra buck, especially from a pretty girl, Tim agreed. As was his uncontrollable habit, he fell into trading stories with his guest. After a few stories she made a peculiar challenge. “You play cards, right boy?” she asked. He assured her that he did, in fact, play a pretty mean game of poker. “Tell you what, we’ll play for an hour, loser owes a story.” Tim smiled. This was a perfect way to spend the night, well as perfect as you can get while still wearing clothes. An hour later Tim had lost every hand. He was just getting ready to start through some of his favorite stories when she interrupted. “You misunderstand, boy. I mean you will BE a story, a retelling of the secrets of the universe.” And so it was that Great Grandmother Coyote tricked her boy into starring in the Tricksters’ Rebellion.

The Ascension of the Tricksters

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