The Last Sunset

2:35 AM, April 19, 2012, Seattle Washington

The Prince stood at the head of the marble and ebony checked table in conference room at the top of the Columbia Tower. Her fists were clenched, her teeth clamped as she fought the explosive urge to throw everyone off of the balcony. Not even the sound reducing walls of the conference room could muffle the cacophony of eight of the most powerful Kindred in the city hurling accusations and indignant defenses.

“Your jackals set fire to the Museum of Classic Arts!” Lillian Kincaid was the Toreador Primogen. She was jabbing her bone like fingers into the chest of Serge Rosov.

Rosov laugh sounded like it came from the bottom of a deep and empty well. “So collect the insurance, bitch,” the Brujah countered. “We agreed to let you have that eye sore in our domain if you kept your nose clean. YOU are the one that risked the Discretion when you left that whore in the alley when you were done with her”

Kincaid’s eyes shifted quickly to blood red as she edged closer and closer to violence.

The sound of shattering glass drew the Prince’s attention to the far end of the table where Goliath stood towering over Gabriel Edmonds who remained calmly seated. The shards of a wine glass lay scattered in the pool of blood it had previously contained.

“You expect me to believe that you knew nothing of this?” the huge Nosferatu spat in the spilled blood on the table. “Nothing gets built or torn down in this city without your fingerprint on it!”

Gabriel’s face remained emotionless as he met his accuser’s eyes. “That may well be, my devoted friend Goliath. Never the less, my people did not approve the demolition of Crown Heights. Neither I nor my clan had anything to do with your haven being bull dozed.” The Ventrue stood and moved gracefully to the wet bar where he procured another glass of blood.

“You pompous ass,” Goliath countered. “I’ve got plenty of places to lay my bones but the 75 families displaced by your little ‘reclamation initiative’ have NOWHERE to go!”

The Prince was just getting ready to step in to prevent the discussion between Goliath and Gabriel from escalating to physical harm but was distracted by one of the councilors landing on his ass at her feet.

Thaddeus, the Voice of the People who did not have a representative on the Primogen Council, picked himself up and made to charge Gregory Morgan of the Gangrel clan. The Prince grabbed him by the back of the neck halting his counter attack.

“THAT IS FUCKING QUITE ENOUGH” Her voice boomed as she forced blood into powering the attention grabbing awe of her charisma. When the chaos died down she spoke again in a calm voice. “If everyone will take their fucking seats we can get down to the fucking reason I called you all her.”

“Wow,” Randal the Mad commented from his corner chair. He had remained quietly observant as the drama unfolded. “And three fucks shall be given as a sign of her royal displeasure”

Her angry eye turned to the leader of the Malkavian clan. “Randy, if you know what’s good for you…”

“I know, ‘Shut the fuck up’,” he clamped a hand over his mouth but his eyes twinkled in amusement.

With order restored the Prince demanded reports on each grievance. Each councilor produced evidence that directly implicated one of the others on the council but each of the accused had what seemed a legitimate defense or alibi suggesting their innocence. The Prince could sense order beginning to deteriorate again so she turned to Randal.

“I think Randal may have found some information that may explain what is happening here,” she started before giving the floor to the Malkavian.

“Yes, right then.” He stood, closed his eyes and took an exaggerated breath before speaking. “To put it simply,” he began, “you’re all idiots and fools, blinded by your own hatred and mistrust of each other”

Gregory and Serge both shot to their feet ready to tear the little mad man apart for his insult. Goliath snorted a laugh. Gabriel, Lillian and Christian of the Tremier clan sat stoically and waited for further explanation.

The Prince’s gesture held Gregory and Serge in place as Randal continued.

“We are not alone in this city. There are those that would go to the greatest of lengths to see the grand Shadow fail. And, I’m sad to say, they are very near to succeeding. I have found proof that a single agent is behind ALL of this” he made an all encompassing sweep of his hand to take in everyone in the board room.


The Last Sunset

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